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Amanda Lorenz  Associate Designer

With a deep appreciation for all types of design, Amanda is particularly drawn to high-quality, hand-crafted pieces created by local artisans using reclaimed materials. Amanda’s part-time work designing furniture for a local store has allowed her the opportunity to work with these artisans, and instilled in her a fondness for incorporating reclaimed materials into modern pieces. This penchant for texture and blending materials, paired with her proactive and solution-oriented attitude, makes Amanda a natural fit for the Ashley Campbell Interior Design team.

Prior to joining the Ashley Campbell team in 2013, Amanda worked as a design assistant for a Denver-based architecture firm where she was an integral part of project coordination. Amanda earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago, Illinois. Her interest in sustainability has driven her to obtain her LEED AP credentials, toward which she is currently working.